How do we use a single proprietary platform to meld the needs of so many different professionals and organizations?

The answer is fairly straightforward. We meet everybody’s needs by paying equal attention to each of the details that are important to our members. By giving each aspect equal importance we give you the freedom to explore the possibilities based upon your own needs, and pivot when that works for you. So whether you’re interested in seeking a mentor, providing guidance and leadership to a board, or redirecting your skills in the challenge of a helping a startup, you’ll find the path is laid out in a collaborative way that provides you with support from peers and recruitment professionals alike. We’ve created a virtual community with a common goal.

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Exclusively dedicated to top-level talent

One of the things that sets WorkoMotion apart from other career resource organizations is that we are exclusively dedicated to top-level talent. Whether you search our database of confidential career postings or open your profile to inquiries from Human Resources professionals and executive recruiters, our stringent rules require that every position exceeds our minimum criteria, including a $100K plus salary.

Curated job openings

WorkoMotion has invited the nation’s top executive recruiters to join our network, giving our members direct access to some of the coveted positions they might otherwise not have known about.

Less than 25% of available executive positions are advertised!

As an executive, you are well aware of your own organization’s process when it comes to finding executive talent, and that generally consists of a confidential search led by an executive recruiter.

Resume and Coaching

With fewer than 25% of top-level positions being communicated publicly, WorkoMotion provides the opportunity to hear about openings directly from internal leadership and gain entrée to otherwise hidden opportunities.

Consider using your talents as a member of a corporate or nonprofit advisory board.

Membership on a Board of Directors provides a unique and potent way of guiding an organization to success.

Executive Search Practice

Our members are the cream of the crop of executive talent, and that makes WorkoMotion a natural resource for both corporate and non-profit boards seeking talent or strategic assistance.

Only exceptional leaders need apply.

We receive thousands of membership applications from across the globe on daily basis. Our experienced membership team evaluates each application relative to specific criteria to ensure that the quality of our Executive pool and our Recruiters remains at the level that we promise to all of our members.

Approval Process

Once you are approved as a WorkoMotion member, you will join an exceptional peer group of top level leaders intent on advancing their careers through networking and information exchange across national borders, industries and generations. You are in good hands!

Mentoring and Consulting Network

Whether you are seeking career or leadership advice from others or are interested in sharing your own unique perspective and experience, our membership is made up of like-minded, talented executives that are interested in expanding their professional network and sharing wisdom.

Mentorship Network

As an All Access member, you can connect with hundreds of mentors. Finding a trustworthy and experienced mentor has never been easier.

Career and Professional Guidance

At WorkoMotion, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your career goals, no matter what they may be. Our members are provided with innumerable tools and resources to help them develop strategies within their current position as well as to help help them access future opportunities.

Dedicated Workomoption Advisors

From leadership training and sharpening negotiation skills to help developing a resume, we provide the answers that you need to achieve our goals.

Make yourself visible only to people who you give access.

At WorkoMotion, we recognize that each of our members has their own goal and reason for joining our network, and that means you may not want to be contacted by a recruiter or hiring professional.

Our platform provides you with complete and confidential control of your profile. Only you determine whether you are visible, and only you control the extent of what is seen.

Knowledge and resources to advance your career

Tools and resources to help you lead and succeed at greater levels. Develop a strategic vision for your career plan and uncover hidden opportunities.