Executive Search

Has your organization reached an impasse in finding new talent? Are the candidates being presented no longer meeting the mark, or is the process taking too long?

Most recruiting firms operate using old-school methodology

They assign a single recruiter to an organization, then hope that one person will dedicate themselves to finding appropriate candidates to that company’s needs – as well as any others to whom they have been assigned. The process is tried and true, but extremely limited, and can be frustrating to a company in need of fresh talent that is chosen with a real eye for making a good match. At WorkoMotion, we take a more technologically-advanced approach. We leverage a network of thousands of recruiters, all with years of successful recruiting experience and all hungry for the opportunity to be the agent of change for your needs.

Our Process

Our process is unique, carefully designed, and extremely effective. Our clients are each assigned a campaign director whose sole mission is to learn what makes your organization tick: what your needs are in terms of talent and skill, what your values are, and what type of corporate culture you provide. We figure out what makes your environment unique so that our recruiters get a strong sense of which candidates will find working with you most fulfilling. It is only when we have this complete understanding – and you have provided confirmation and approval of the recruitment strategy that we have assembled – that your organizational profile and specific positional needs are meticulously assembled and disseminated to the recruiting team. Our members are then free to begin the search process on your behalf.


As potential matches are identified, the campaign director acts as your firewall and liaison, carefully reviewing each candidate in order to ensure that those being suggested are suitable – and only if they meet the profile that has been created will they be presented to you for consideration. Candidates submitted to us will be vetted for suitability, references checked and due diligence completed prior to presentation in order to protect you from unwelcome surprises or disappointments. You will be kept abreast of developments and progress on a regular basis, but only when a candidate is deemed worthy of your consideration by the campaign director will they be presented.


Our Advantage

WorkoMotion has used the same selective process in creating our executive search network as we apply to candidates being submitted for your positions. Recruiters that have been included have been hand-picked from the nation’s most prestigious firms, and represent the best in the industry. They are true professionals who are dedicated to the art of matching the right candidate to the right position. The advantage is clear: Take 3,000 highly motivated, highly skilled recruiters and offer them the challenge of competing against one another while doing what they do best, and the job gets accomplished quickly, effectively, and in a way that provides you with the kind of leadership personnel that you are looking for. The skill set is right. The mindset is right. The fit is right.

Professionalism You Can Trust

After years of facilitating executive talent searches for the country’s leading companies, we understand what you are looking for, and what makes a search process operate most effectively. Our confidential search process follows a predictable timeline and is conducted with an eye to delivering candidates that are worthy of your time and consideration. We take care of all of the details, including facilitating the in-person interview process and following up on final details to ensure the suitability of a candidate, preparation of a compensation package, and extending an offer. Your project is not done until onboarding and transition have been completed and we are certain of your complete satisfaction.

Should you wish to expand on our efforts, we also provide you with the opportunity to browse our proprietary database of executive candidates. These proven leaders have submitted their profiles as part of our leadership network, established as a mentoring and professional network open to members only. All have been carefully screened to assure that they are highly-qualified executives, and we are pleased to facilitate communication with them at your request.


Our Services

At WorkoMotion, our goal is to facilitate placements that work for our clients. We offer a range of services designed to help you meet your goals quickly and cost-effectively in whatever way best matches your needs and budget. Options include Retained Search, Contained Search, and Contingency Search. We also offer contract placement services to help transition long-valued employees into new opportunities.


Our Retained Search is a culture-specific process designed to match your organization to the senior and executive-level professionals whose skill set and values are best-suited to your goals. The process includes extensive assessment of personality, experience, and emotional intelligence.


Our Contained Search offers a similar approach to that of our Retained Search for which a retainer fee is charged. It includes a vetting process that is targeted towards finding appropriate candidates. Upon selection and hiring of a candidate the balance of payment for services will be due.


Our Contingency Search is a more flexible process best suited for junior-level positions. Fees are charged only upon selection and are based upon the salary that the candidate will be paid.

Our Outplacement Services are provided in recognition of the realities of downsizing and reorganizing in order to keep a company strong and their employees constantly challenged. Should your organization require assistance in transitioning employees through change, we can provide you with effective and sensitive strategies and services that will assure employees of their value and promise. Our professional team will dedicate themselves to gaining a complete understanding of each individual’s strengths, experiences and goals in order to provide an efficient and effective strategy with minimal disruption to both your organization and your outgoing staff.