Executive Candidates

Why WorkoMotion is Right For Your?

As a successful executive, you have spent years honing your skills and expanding your network. But now you want more. Perhaps you want to experience greater challenges, or to use your talents to benefit a new organization. Maybe you’re looking to learn more from colleagues beyond those in your immediate circle, or to expand your responsibilities to a position on a corporate or nonprofit advisory board?

Whatever your circumstances, if you are looking for a partner in your search for the next best step, you have come to the right place. WorkoMotion is a membership-only business network that offers all of the advantages and benefits that you are looking for in one place. You can discover unpublicized career opportunities, connect with experienced leadership professionals, confer on developments within your own industry, and gain valuable understanding of how best to leverage your own talents to make yourself an even more attractive candidate for executive or board positions.

Unparalleled Networking Opportunities

As a member of this private business network you will gain entree to an exclusive group of colleagues who – like you – are dedicated to excellence and interested in expanding their own networks with likeminded professionals. Whether you are in need of an unbiased opinion on an important business issue, advice on how to improve your own career trajectory, or an introduction to an opportunity you would otherwise not have heard about, membership – as they say – has its privileges.



Access to Unadvertised Executive Positions

As you know from your own experience, the majority of executive positions are filled through a combination of internal and external searches, referrals, and networking efforts. With fewer than one out of every four leadership spots reaching the public domain, it is essential that you optimize your outreach capabilities and expand your reach into as many quality networks as possible. At WorkoMotion, our members’ knowledge of top executive openings within their own organizations is just one of the many advantages that make joining us a smart move for your career.

Untapped Potential

Imagine yourself able to immediately access over 50,000 corporate leaders, including top executives working for Fortune 500 companies. Whether your interest lies in finding a new position, consulting or investment, mentoring or being mentored, WorkoMotion opens the door and offers the opportunity to connect directly with over 74,000 organizations, as well as over 3,000 executive recruiters. Our current members include C-Suite legends, executive recruiters, Human Resources professionals and seasoned certified career coaches, all of whom have one guiding interest: being available to and for one another in order to enhance the way that business gets done.


A World of Opportunity

You have reached this point in your career by working hard and recognizing opportunity, and WorkoMotion is an opportunity that has so much to offer. Our members give you the ability to learn, grow, and enhance your own skills, as well as to expand your own exposure to top-level decision makers in a variety of industries.

Join Our Inner Circle

The benefits of WorkoMotion are yours immediately upon joining. You’ll have the opportunity to upload your own C.V. and profile for others to see as well as to see those of your fellow members, including nationally and internationally recognized business leaders. Additionally, you will gain exclusive access to our database of opportunities, including leadership positions offering a minimum salary of $100,000, investment and consulting opportunities, leadership roles on nonprofit and corporate advisory boards, and more.