Board Placements

Corporate & Advisory Board Placements

Being selected to serve on a corporate or nonprofit board is a potent reflection of years of successful leadership experience. Those who are chosen possess the special talents and expertise that add value to the organization’s vision. WorkoMotion’s expansive network of executive talent and our client base of highly-respected organizations has led to a number of successful board placements. If you are motivated and qualified to serve on a Board of Directors, whether in the for profit or non-profit world, we are uniquely qualified to help you identify organizations whose mission and needs match your own, and to connect you with the decision-makers that facilitate these placements.

WorkoMotion’s reputation for attracting top-level talent has made us a natural resource for Fortune 1000 companies, nonprofits and start-ups alike. Though they rely upon us to connect them with talent for all manner of positions, it is in their governance responsibilities that our network of executives has proven most valuable. We take the time to truly understand the skill set that each organization needs and to match those requirements with the candidates whose values, expertise and interests are most closely aligned. If you are an executive interested in exploring your potential as a member of a Board of Directors, WorkoMotion can answer all of your questions, explain the process, and facilitate your search.

At WorkoMotion, our board placement services are comprehensive, and are guided by an intense research process. We closely examine each candidate’s interests, experience, and capabilities and then match them with the organizations that will best allow them to make a real difference and feel most fulfilled.

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Our Board Practice

Advisory boards are among the most valuable assets that an organization can have. Whether a corporate entity or a non-for-profit, an effective advisory board that has been assembled and structured with care and thought provides governance and guidance that enhances success. At WorkoMotion, we are uniquely well-suited to provide organizations with comprehensive advisory board services including both search and structure.

WorkoMotion’s Board Practice is a highly specialized division of our organization. We have assembled a highly qualified group of professionals chosen for their ability to assist both in the identification and assessment of candidates qualified to serve. The advisory consultants that provide our board operations analysis and strategies have robust leadership and board experience that crosses multiple industries and experiences. Whatever your needs, WorkoMotion has the expertise that you need to assure success.

Leadership Advisory Consulting

When creating and operating an advisory board, it is important that you have a comprehensive understanding of what your organization’s goals are and how the board’s business should be conducted. This means that it must be determined who is to be advised, what type of advice is to be provided, and how broad or narrow the board’s focus should be. An advisory board needs to be built with an eye to both current and near-term needs, and that means attention must be paid to size, meeting organization and frequency, terms of membership, compensation, and perhaps most importantly of all, the commitment of management and leadership of the enterprise itself. A well-formed board will provide great value, while one that is ill-planned and poorly formulated will add little. WorkoMotion’s leadership advisory service ensures that your internal leadership structure and process meets your needs.



Board Membership Search

As leaders in executive search, WorkoMotion’s abilities to understand your organization’s specific board membership requirements are unparalleled. Our board practice professionals are specifically dedicated to this particular aspect of leadership talent, and bring a focus that is attuned to your organization’s culture and values, as well as any specific gender, ethnicity or other types of requirements and criteria that may be in place. We have a unique and expansive reach into a wide range of industries and experience levels, including national and international corporations, educational institutions, and government entities that allows us to find candidates that add real value to your advisory board.