About WorkoMotion

“At WorkoMotion, we believe that getting the best outcome for ourselves results from providing the best outcomes for our clients.”

Who are our clients?

They are top-level executives and Fortune 500 companies, startups and non-profit boards and executive recruiters. We started as a simple career resource and used the knowledge and expertise that we gained to create something exciting and entirely new… an innovative platform that brings all of these disparate players together in a way that is mutually beneficial.



WorkoMotion built a proprietary platform that allows executives and leaders from all types of industries access to one another in a confidential, state-of-the-art way. Then we added an exclusive selection of successful executive recruiters who serve all types of niches together, and also invited Human Resources professionals from the world’s most highly respected and recognizable companies. The results have been astonishing. C-suite executives have used the platform to mentor up-and-comers seeking advice and feedback on trends and challenges. Executive recruiters have worked together to bring top-level talent to their clients. Human Resources professionals have been able to confidentially post their most important $100K plus positions to a select group of thought leaders with the confidence that only candidates of the quality that they are seeking will be privy to their opportunities.

Whether you are an executive recruiter, a C-Suite executive seeking a new challenge, a non-profit board looking for leadership talent or a Fortune 500 professional looking to fill a top-level position, WorkoMotion is the place where all can find what they are looking for

Our vision has brought together 70,000 of the world’s top companies with thousands of independent executive recruiters and tens of thousands of the world’s most respected industry leaders.

At WorkoMotion, we are committed to excellence in everything that we do and in everything that we bring to our expansive membership and client base. From ensuring that all of our executive members have been screened for top-tier leadership credentials to insisting that all positions offered offer compensation that exceeds our minimum of $100K, our dedication means that your participation and membership provide you with the benefits that you’re seeking. We hold each of our associates responsible to this goal, and every member of our team is accountable to our mission of honesty, professionalism, and unquestionable ethics.