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As a consultant, you will work for a set hourly rate billable via monthly invoice. Consultant will not function as an employee of the company in any way.

Manhattan, New York

Our client is seeking an independent consultant for assessments. Compensation based on experience, hourly rates and time spent meeting contract requirements. Payable by invoice; consultant is not an employee of the company.

Houston, Texas

The primary responsibilities of the Advisory Board Member are to reach out to the community, fundraise, identify Recipient Groups, and recruit future board members to strengthen the core board of the company. Board member will participate in Advisory Board meetings and works with other members to host events, conduct fundraisers, maintain recipient group relations, and contribute to the overall image and health of the company with other Board members.

New York City, New York

Board members provide leadership and strategic guidance for the company. The board ensures company decisions reflect their mission, purpose and values while maintaining cost effective operations and develop plans for future successes.

Irvine, California

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